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  Kontes* Ultra-Ware* Solvent Pickup Adapter Body
  Kontes* Fittings, Adapters and Tubing
  Kontes* Flex-Columns*
  Kontes* Glass Accessories
  Kontes* Soxhlet Extraction Body
  Kontes* Column, with Fritted Disc and PTFE Stopcock Plug
  Kontes* Viton O Rings
  Kontes* Open Top Nylon Screw Thread Caps
  Kontes Flasks
  Kimble* Three-Neck Reaction Flask Tops
  Kimble* Four-Neck Reaction Flask Tops
  Kontes* Ultra-Ware* HPLC Economy Cap Systems
  Kontes* Aluminum Heating Block
  Kontes* Babcock Test Bottle
  Kimble Angled Three Neck Round Bottom Distilling Flasks
  Kontes* Dewar Joints
  Kontes* Disposable Grade 5 mm Tubes, N-51A Borosilicate Glass
  Kontes Medium Liebig Condensers
  Williamson Improved Standard Kits
  Kontes* Ultra-Ware* Three Hole Delivery Cap
  Kimble-Chase* Kontes* Chromatography Ferrules
  Kontes* Nylon Connectors
  Micro Syringe, polyethylene, 1 cc, 0.01 cc graduations
  Filter Adapter, Pluro Stopper, 14/20 Standard Taper Joints

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