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  C.B.S. Scientific* Blotting Systems
  C.B.S. Scientific* Semi-Dry Blotting System
  C.B.S. Scientific* Triple-Wide Mini-Electrophoretic Blotting System
  Osmonics* Magna* Nylon Transfer Membranes
  Osmonics* MAGNACHARGE* Nylon Transfer Membranes
  Osmonics* MagnaGraph* Nylon Transfer Membranes
  Osmonics* Magna* Nitrocellulose Supported Transfer Membranes
  GVS Life Sciences* Magna* PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) Transfer Membranes
  Osmonics* Magna* Nitrocellulose Unsupported Transfer Membranes
  Osmonics* NitroPure* Internally-Supported Pure Nitrocellulose Transfer Membranes
  C.B.S. Scientific* Mylar Masks for Semi-Dry Blotters
  Osmonics* MagnaProbe Nylon Transfer Membrane
  Owl* Blotting Filter Paper