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  UVP* CL-1000* Ultraviolet Crosslinkers
  UVP Microprocessor-Controlled Ultraviolet Translinker
  UPV* Filter Assemblies for High Performance Transilluminators
  UVP* Replacement Longwave (LW) UV Tubes
  UVP* Converter Plates
  UVP* Mini Benchtop Transilluminator
  UVP* Benchtop White Light Transilluminators
  UVP* 12V Adapter for Rechargeable Lamps
  UVP* Chromato-Vue* C-70 and C-71 Viewing Cabinets
  UVP* Chromato-Vue* C-65 Viewing Cabinets
  UVP* Mini Cabinets
  UVP High-Intensity Longwave Ultraviolet Inspection Lamp
  UVP* Portable Ultraviolet Lamps
  UVP* XX-Series UV Bench Lamps
  UVP* Handheld UVX* Digital Radiometer
  UVP Photovoltaic UV Intensity Meters
  UVP* BioDoc-It Imaging System
  UVP* Replacement Bulbs
  UVP* Replacement Shortwave (SW) UV Tubes
  UVP* Ultraviolet Lamps
  UVP EL Series Eight Watt UV Lamps
  UVP* HL-2000 HybriLinker System
  UVP* CX-2000 Ultraviolet
  Pen-Ray Lamps
  UVP* Benchtop Transilluminators

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