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  Acid Yellow 17
  beta-Apo-8'-carotenal, 20 Percent Suspension in Corn Oil
  Acid Blue 3 Calcium Salt
  Acriflavine Hydrochloride
  Brilliant Black BN
  Chromic Chloride, Reagent
  Chromium Oxide, Green, Powder, Purified
  Chromic Chloride, Hexahydrate, USP
  Copper Phthalocyanine
  Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Brown, Powder, FCC
  Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Green, Powder, FCC
  Ferrosoferric Oxide, Black, Powder
  Dried Ferrous Sulfate, Powder, USP
  Ferrous Gluconate, USP
  Graphite, Powder
  Iron (III) Hydroxide, Crystalline
  Mica, Water Ground, 325 Mesh
  Meldola's Blue
  Natural Orange 4
  Nigrosin, Water Soluble
  Pigment Green 7
  Rose Bengal
  Solvent Orange 2

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