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  Simport* T330-6 & -7 Microcentrifuge Tubes
  Simport* Colored Caps for Micrewtube*
  Simport Screw Caps for Internal Thread Sample Tubes
  Stockwell Scientific Pipet Tips
  Simport* Microcentrifuge Tubes with Pick-Up Tab and Secure-Lock*
  Simport* Color Coding Capinsert* for Micrewtube*
  Simport* Micrewtube* with O-Ring Cap
  Microcentrifuge Tube Storage Box
  Thermo Scientific Nalgene* Microcentrifuge Tube Boxes
  Simport* 50 ml Disposable Centrifuge Tubes
  Thermo Scientific Nalgene* PC Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes
  Simport* Amplitube* PCR* Tubes
  Simport* Amplitube* PCR Reaction Strips
  Amplitude* Thin-Wall PCR* Reaction Strips with Attached Caps
  Simport* 96-Place Biotube* Racks
  Simport* 96-Place Biotube* Racks For Robotics Systems
  Kimble-Chase* KIMAX* KIM-KAP* Autoclavable Polypropylene Closures
  Simport* Polyethylene Flange Plug Caps
  Simport* 50 mL Sample Tubes
  Saint Gobain* Chemware* PTFE PFA Test Tubes
  Plastic Test Tubes
  Polyethylene Caps For Glass Tubes
  Stockwell Scientific Polypropylene Transport Vials with Screw Caps
  Stockwell* Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

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