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  PerkinElmer* Macro Cells with PTFE Lid or PTFE Stopper
  PerkinElmer* Semi-Micro Cells with PTFE Lid or PTFE Stopper
  PerkinElmer* Cells for Magnetic Stirrers
  PerkinElmer* Ultra-Micro Cells with PTFE Stopper
  PerkinElmer* Flow-Through Cells for Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  PerkinElmer* Xenon Source Lamps
  PerkinElmer* Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Sample Blocks
  PerkinElmer* Red Sensitive Photomultiplier
  PerkinElmer* Single Position Thermostatted Cell Holder
  PerkinElmer* Well Plate Reader Accessory for LS50B/55
  PerkinElmer* Remote Fiber-Optic Accessory for LS50B/45/55
  PerkinElmer* Total Emission Accessory for the LS50B/55
  PerkinElmer* LS Series Front Surface Accessory