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  Barium Peroxide, Powder, Reagent
  Barium Sulfate, Powder, Reagent
  Barium Sulfide, Black, Granular
  Beryllium Oxide
  Beryllium Sulfate, Tetrahydrate
  Bismuth Metal, Granular, Reagent
  Bismuth Citrate, Powder
  Bismuth Metal, Lump
  Bismuth Nitrate, Pentahydrate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
  Bismuth Oxychloride, Powder, Purified
  Bismuth Trioxide, Reagent
  Boric Acid, Powder, Technical
  Bismuth Subnitrate, Purified
  Boric Acid, Granular, Technical
  Boron, 325 Mesh, Powder
  Boric Anhydride, Purified
  Barium Acetate, Technical
  Bismuth Iodide
  Boron Citrate, 5 Percent, Powder
  Barium Bromide, Dihydrate
  Barium Chlorate, Monohydrate
  Bathophenanthroline Ruthenium Chloride
  [1,1'-Bis(di-tert-butylphosphino)ferrocene]palladium(II) Dichloride
  [1,3-Bis(diphenylphosphino)propane]palladium(II) Dichloride
  Barium Diphenylaminesulfonate, Powder, Reagent

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