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  TBE Buffer, 25X quick-mix pack
  TBE Buffer, 25X liquid concentrate
  TBE urea Running Buffer (10X)
  TBE urea Sample Buffer (2X)
  TBS Buffer 10X (high salt) liquid con
  TBS Buffer 10X (low salt) liquid conc
  TE (Tris-EDTA) Buffer, sterile
  TG (Tris-Glycine) Buffer, Powder Mix
  TG(Tris-Glycine) Buffer 10X liquid c
  TG(Tris-Glycine) Buffer,10X quickmix
  TG-SDS Buffer, 10X quick-mix pack
  Acryl-Glide (TM)
  Crack-Free Gel-Drying Kit
  Crack-Free Gel-Drying Solution
  Crack-Free Gel-Drying System
  DNA Destaining Bags
  Wash solution, 10X
  Agarose gel dye 6X Glycerol-no b.b
  Agarose Gel Loading Dye,6X,Alkaline,
  Agarose gel loading dye w/Ficol 6x
  Agarose gel loading dye w/ sucrose
  Agarose gel loading dye w/ b.b. (6X)
  Laemmli SDS-Sample Buffer,non-rdcing
  Laemmli SDS-Sample Buffer,non-rdcing

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