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  Aquasonic 100 Ultrasound Gel
  Nitric Acid, 65 Percent, SUPRAPUR(R)
  Chloramine-T, Trihydrate
  Ammonium Hydroxide, SUPRAPUR(R)
  Sodium Dithionite
  AQUASTAR(R) Sodium Tartrate, Dihydrate 15.66 Percent
  Silver Nitrate, 0.100N
  AQUASTAR(R) CombiCoulomat Frit Reagent
  AQUASTAR(R) CombiCoulomat Fritless Reagent
  Polyethylene Glycol 4,000
  L-Lanthanum Chloride, Hydrate
  AQUASTAR(R) Water Standard 1.0 Percent
  AQUASTAR(R) Water Standard Oven, 1 Percent
  HARLECO(R) Alcian Blue, Certified
  HARLECO(R) Aniline Blue W.S., Certified Biological Stain
  Biebrich Scarlette, HARLECO(R)
  HARLECO(R) Brilliant Green, Powder, Certified
  Cresyl Blue, Brilliant, HARLECO(R)
  HARLECO(R) Congo Red, Powder
  HARLECO(R) Cresyl Violet
  Crystal Violet, Powder, HARLECO(R)
  Eosin Y, Powder, HARLECO(R)
  HARLECO(R) Fast Green, Powder, Certified Biological Stain

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