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  Phosphorus, Red, 97.0 Percent (DEA List I Chemical)
  Phosphorus, Red, 99.99 Percent Trace Metals Basis (DEA List I Chemical), Powder
  Aluminum Metal, Granular
  Aluminum Metal, 200 Mesh, Powder
  Aluminum, Pellets
  Aluminum, 6 in. x 6 in. x 0.0625 in., Sheet
  Aluminum, 20 Gauge, Wire, Reagent
  Antimony Metal, 1 in. and Finer, Lump
  Antimony Metal, 100 Mesh, Powder
  Arsenic, Lump, Purified
  Aluminum, 12 in. x 25 ft., 0.00094 in. (0.024 mm) Thick, Foil
  Aluminum, Shot, ACS
  Bismuth Metal, Granular, Reagent
  Bismuth Metal, Lump
  Cadmium Metal, Mossy, Reagent
  Cadmium Metal, Powder, Reagent
  Cadmium Metal, Sticks, Reagent
  Chromium Metal, 2 in. and Finer, Chips
  Chromium Metal, 100 Mesh, Powder
  Cobalt Metal, 2 in. and Finer, Pieces
  Cobalt Metal, 400 Mesh, Powder
  Calcium Metal, Pieces, Purified
  Copper Metal, Cuttings
  Copper Metal, Fine Powder
  Copper Metal, Granular, Reagent

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