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  Copper Metal, Shot
  Copper Metal, Light, Turnings
  Copper Metal, Heavy, Turnings
  Copper Metal, 0.02 in. Diameter, Wire, Reagent
  Cesium, Ultrapure
  Copper Metal, Shot, ACS
  Gold Metal, 20 Mesh, Powder
  Gold, 0.1 mm Thick, Foil
  Gold Metal, 0.025 mm Diameter, Wire
  Gold Metal, 0.05 mm Diameter, Wire
  Gold Metal, 0.1 mm Diameter, Wire
  Iron Metal, Approx. 40 Mesh, Filings
  Iron Metal, Reduced, Powder, Reagent
  Iron Metal, Reduced, 100 Mesh, Powder
  Iron Metal, 0.25 mm Diameter, Wire, Reagent
  Iron Metal, Electrolytic, Granular, Primary Standard
  Iridium, 325 Mesh, Powder
  Lead Metal, 200 Mesh and Finer, Powder
  Lead Metal, 1/96 - 1/32 in. Thick, Foil
  Lead Metal, 1/24 - 1/8 in. Thick, Sheet
  Lithium Metal, 3.2 mm Diameter, Wire, Reagent
  Magnesium Metal, 100 Mesh, Powder
  Magnesium Metal, Turnings, Reagent
  Mercury, Triple Distilled, Reagent, ACS
  Mercury, Purified

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