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  Tris Buffered saline
  Carbonate-bicarbonate Buffer
  Tris Buffered Saline
  Cacodylic acid
  Calcium chloride, 1M, sterile
  Carbonate Buffer, 0.05M, (pH 9.4,
  Casein-blocking Buffer in PBS
  Casein-blocking Buff in PBSw/azide
  Casein-blocking Buffer in TBS
  Casein-blocking Buff in TBSw/azide
  Citrate Buffer, 1M, (pH 6.0)
  Citrate Buffer, 1M, (pH 8.0)
  Calcium Chloride, 15 mM, Sterile
  DEA (Diethanolamine) Buffer 10X sol
  DL-Dithiothreitol (DTT) Sol, 100mM
  EDTA, 0.5M sterile, (pH 8.0)
  EGTA, 0.5M, sterile, (pH 8.0)
  ELISA plate-coating solution
  Gelatin 10 Percent
  Gelatin/Tween in PBS
  Gelatin/Tween in TBS
  Gelatine-Blocking Buffer, in PBS
  Gelatine-Blocking Buff,in PBS w/az
  Gelatine-Blocking Buffer, in TBS

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