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  Carboxyl Coupling Kit
  viewIP (TM) Calmodulin Red Separopore(R)
  MagneZoom (TM) Goat Anti-Rat IgG (Fc)
  Apoptotic DNA-ladder kit
  BBS/Fish gelatin
  BBS/Glycerol/Fish gelatin
  IBS/Fish gelatin
  IBS/Glycerol/Fish gelatin
  PBS/Fish gelatin
  Intensive chemiluminescence (ICL) kit
  bioLife MUG B-Galactosidase Assy Kit 500
  Bradford dye concentrate (5x)
  Bradford protein assay kit
  Bradford reagent (ready to use)
  Double reductant, DTT and DE-DCT
  AuraView (TM) colloidal gold for western blots
  Cellbuster-A (TM) Kit (Animal cell) 50 Units
  Cellbuster-B (TM) kit(Bacterial cell)
  Dissolve-away kit
  Focus (TM) cytoplasmic/nucl prot ext
  Focus (TM) DTT, 2M
  FOCUS (TM)- protein alkylation kit

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