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  Phosphinic Acid, ~50 Percent (DEA List I Chemical)
  Hydrochloric Acid Solution 2.000N, TITRISTAR(R)
  Sulfosalicylic Acid 20 Percent Solution, HARLECO(R)
  Hypophosphorous Acid-d3, Solution, 50 wt. Percent in D2O, 98 atom Percent D (DEA List I Chemical)
  Hydriodic Acid, Contains No Stabilizer, Distilled, 57 wt. Percent in H2O, 99.99 Percent Trace Metals Basis (DEA List I Chemical)
  Hydriodic Acid, 57 wt. Percent in H2O, Distilled, Stabilized, 99.95 Percent (DEA List I Chemical)
  Hypophosphorous acid solution, 50 wt. Percent in H2O (DEA List I Chemical)
  HARLECO(R) Copper Sulfate Solution, SG 1.053
  Hydriodic Acid, >= 47+ Percent, Stabilized (DEA List I Chemical), Reagent, ACS
  Hydriodic Acid, 55 Percent, Contains no stabilizer (DEA List I Chemical), Reagent, ACS
  Hydriotic Acid, 55-60 Percent (DEA List I Chemical)
  Eosin Y Solution, Alcoholic Saturated, HARLECO(R)
  Eosin Y Solution, Alcoholic, 1 Percent PDC, HARLECO(R)
  HARLECO(R) Eosin Y Solution, Aqueous, 1 Percent PDC
  HARLECO(R) Fuchsin, Carbol Solution Kinyoun
  Fuchsin, Basic Solution, HARLECO(R)
  Fuchsin, Carbol Solution, Ziehl-Neelson, HARLECO(R)
  HARLECO(R) Giemsa Stain Solution, Azure B
  HARLECO(R) Giemsa Stain Solution, Modified Azure Blend
  HARLECO(R) Giemsa Stain Solution, Original Azure Blend
  Jenner Stain Solution, HARLECO(R)
  HARLECO(R) Hemacolor(R) Solution I
  HARLECO(R) Hemacolor(R) Solution II
  HARLECO(R) Hemacolor(R) Solution III
  EA Solution, Gill (with Eosin and Light Green), HARLECO(R)

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