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  Kontes* TLC Spotting Capillaries
  Kontes* Microcaps
  Corning PYREX* Rectangular Chromatography Jars
  GE Whatman* Grade 1 Pure Cellulose Chromatography Papers, Rolls
  Spectrum Chromatography* Tank and Rods
  Kontes* TLC Developing Tank with Non-Slip Lid and Aluminum Rack
  Kontes* TLC Reagent Sprayers with Screw Ground Joint
  Hamilton* HVXM Large Body PTFE Valves for MVP
  Hamilton Bulk HPLC Column Packings
  Fittings and Tubing for Hamilton Valves
  Kontes* Cylindrical TLC Developing Tanks with Lids
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Silica G UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Flexible-Backed Layers and Special Plates
  Analtech* CycloGraph* System
  Analtech* Silica Gel
  Analtech* Transilluminators
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Silica GF UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Alumina G UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Alumina GF UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Avicel* Cellulose UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Silica GHLF UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Silica HLF UNIPLATES* 20 x 20 cm
  Analtech* Glass-Backed ICN/Woelm Silica G UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Glass-Backed UNISIL* G UNIPLATES*
  Analtech* Glass-Backed Silica GHL UNIPLATES*

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