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  Ahlstrom* Quantitative Grade 55 Filters (Hardened Ashless)
  GE Whatman PM2.5 Air Monitoring Membrane Filters
  Advantec* Nobuto Blood Filter Strips
  GE Whatman* Grade 1 Pure Cellulose Chromatography Papers, Rolls
  GE Whatman* 1 PS* Phase Separator Paper
  GE Whatman* Folded (Prepleated) Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2V
  GE Whatman* Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 1: 11 m
  GE Whatman* Grade 93 Qualitative Filter Papers
  GE Whatman* Wet-Strengthened Grade Qualitative Filter Papers Grade 91
  GE Whatman* Hardened Low Ash Grade 50
  GE Whatman* Quantitative Filter Papers, Ashless (ash 0.007%), Grade 40
  GE Whatman* Quantitative Filter Papers, Hardened Ashless Grade 540
  Ahlstrom* Binderless Glass Fiber Filter Papers, Grade 111
  Ahlstrom* Pleated Qualitative Grade
  Ahlstrom* Qualitative Grade Filters, Grade 237
  Ahlstrom* Quantitative Grade Filters (Ashless)
  GE Whatman* Grade 201 Filter Papers
  Thimbles, 7100 Series
  Electrophoresis & Blotting
  Miscellaneous Ahlstrom Items
  Ahlstrom Grade 94 Quantitative Filter Papers (Ashless)
  GE Whatman* Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 595 1/2
  Ahlstrom* Qualitative Grade Filters, Grade 601
  Ahlstrom* Qualitative Grade Filters, Grade 609
  Ahlstrom* Qualitative Grade Filters, Grade 610

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