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  Corning PYREX* Deluxe Chemistry Kit, Micro-organic, 7/10 and 14/10 Components
  Corning* Deluxe Microchemistry Kit, Components with 14/10 Joints
  Corning Microscale Organic Chemistry Kits Accessories
  Corning* PYREX* Spin Vanes for Conical Reaction Vials
  Corning* PYREX* Chemistry Kit, Components with 24/40 Joints
  Corning PYREX* Solvent Recovery Head
  Corning PYREX* Kuderna-Danish Jacketed Concentrator Tubes, with Hooks
  Kontes* Concentrator Tubes
  Kontes* Kuderna-Danish Evaporative Concentrators with Polyacetal Clamps or Hooks and Springs
  Kontes* Kuderna-Danish Evaporative Concentrators with Polyacetal Clamp
  Kontes* Heavy Wall Recovery Flasks
  Kontes* Glass Bchner Funnels with Integral Hose Connection
  Kontes* Research Threaded Microscale Kit
  Corning PYREX* Biometer Flask, PYREX* #2 Stopcock
  Kontes* Distilling, Pear-Shaped with Side Tubulation, Heavy Wall
  Kontes* Distilling, Round Bottom, Center Neck with Side Tubulation, Heavy Wall
  Kontes Flasks
  Kontes* Volumetric, Micro, Class A
  Kontes* Micro Separatory Funnels, PTFE Plug, with Stopper
  Kontes Separatory Funnels, TS 19/22 Joints, with PTFE Plug
  Kontes* Aluminum Heating Block
  Kontes Distilling Flasks, Two Neck Angled, Round Bottom, Heavy Wall
  Kimble Angled Three Neck Round Bottom Distilling Flasks
  Kontes* Dewar Joints
  Kontes Medium Liebig Condensers

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