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  Corning Replacement PTFE Product Standard Straight Bore Stopcock Plug Assemblies
  Corning PYREX* Plain Bore Rotaflo* Two-Way In-Line Stopcocks
  Corning PYREX* Plain Bore Rotaflo* Two-Way 90 degree Angle Stopcocks
  Corning PYREX* Plain Bore Rotaflo* Three-Way Stopcocks
  Corning PYREX* Standard Taper Straight Bore Stopcock Plugs
  Kimble LUBRI-FLO PTFE Stopcock
  Corning PYREX* Economy Grade Burets with Replaceable PTFE Stopcock
  Kontes* Straight Stopcock with PTFE Plug
  Bel-Art Scienceware* 3-Way Stopcock
  PTFE Plug, T without Tip O-Ring HI-VAC
  Kontes* HI-VAC* Three-Way Valves with PTFE Plug and No Tip O-Ring
  Bel-Art Scienceware* 2-Way and 3-Way Stopcock Connections
  Dynalon Miniature Stopcock, 8 mm, PP
  Dynalon Miniature Stopcock, 10 mm, HDPE
  Dynalon Miniature Stopcock, 14 mm, HDPE
  Dynalon Miniature Stopcock, 16 mm, HDPE