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  Bioclear - tissue clearing agent
  Histochoice (TM) MB tissue fixative
  HistoSeal(R) Laboratory Sealant
  In Situ (TM) Tissue Fixative
  Tissuefix (TM) tissue fixative
  TBS/Fish gelatin,10X Solution
  Acid fast bacillus stain (Zi.Nee.)
  Acid-fast stain kit,methylene blue,
  Alcian blue
  Amido black
  Basic fuchsin
  Brilliant green
  Brilliant green kit
  Bromothymol blue, sodium salt
  DAB-nickel peroxidase kit
  Decolorizing solution
  Eosin Y, Sodium Salt
  Fast green FCF
  Gram stain kit
  Light green SF
  Methylene blue counterstain
  Pyronin B
  Pyronin Y

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