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  Biospec BeadBeater Replacement Parts
  Boekel* Replacement Gaskets for Desiccators
  IKA* KS 130 Basic Orbital Shaker
  IKA* KS 130 Control Orbital Shaker
  IKA* HS 260 Basic Reciprocating Shaker
  IKA* KS 501 Digital Orbital Shaker
  Labnet Freezer Storage Racks
  Labnet Flask Clamps
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Test Tube Rockers
  Glas-Col* Tissue Culture Rotator
  Glas-Col* Benchtop Shakers
  3D Floor Shakers
  IKA* HS 501 Digital Reciprocating Shaker
  Glas-Col* Dry Powder Rotator
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Spindrive* Orbital Shaker Platform
  GT31 Stirring System
  Saint Gobain* Chemware* PTFE Boiling Stones
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Cel-Gro Tissue Culture Tube Rotators
  Adams* Compact II Centrifuge
  Tube-Tickler* Microcentrifuge Tube Mixer
  Clay Adams* Dynac* III Centrifuge
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead MaxiMix* I Vortex Mixer
  Thermo Scientific Dedicated Platforms MaxQ* 2000 & MaxQ* 4000

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