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  Exel* 1 mL Zero Dead Space Tuberculin Syringe with Permanently Attached Needle
  Hamilton* Gastight Syringes for Rheodyne, Valco, Beckman/ Altex, & SSI HPLC Injection Valve
  Hamilton* 700 Series MicroLiter Syringeinges, Point Styles 3 and 5
  Hamilton* 800 Series, Standard Injection Syringes
  Hamilton* MicroLiter 900 Series Syringes
  Hamilton* 700/7000 Series MicroLiter Syringes, Custom, Gauge, Length, Point Style
  Hamilton* 700 Series Special Needle MicroLiter Syringes
  Hamilton* 800 Series Multi-Pak Syringes
  Hamilton* 700 Series MicroLiter* Syringes 10 l Six Packs
  Hamilton* 1700 Series
  Spectrum* Chromatography Syringes
  Hamilton* Series 1000
  Hamilton* 1800 Series, Standard Injection Syringes
  Hamilton* Modified MicroLiter Digital Syringes
  Hamilton* MicroLiter Digital Syringe
  Hamilton* GasTight Digital Syringes
  Hamilton* Carbon Analyzer Syringes
  Hamilton* Constant Rate Syringes
  Hamilton* Agilent Autosampler Syringes, Microliter*
  Hamilton* Gel Loading Syringes
  Hamilton Large Hub Removable Needles
  Hamilton* Metal Hub Needles, Point Style 2, Standard Length
  Hamilton* Needles (Standard Length)
  Exel* Disposable Syringes
  Exel* Disposable Hypodermic Needles

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