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  Corning PYREX Filling Bells
  Corning* PYREX* Chemistry Kit, Components with 19/22 Joints
  Corning* Chemistry Kit, Components with 19/22 Joints, 2 PYREX* Stoppers
  Corning PYREX* Polyethylene Standard Taper Stoppers
  Corning PYREX* Cloud and Pour Point Jars
  Kimble Polyethylene Snap Caps
  Thermo Scientific Orion* pH Buffer Bottles
  Boekel* Replacement Gaskets for Desiccators
  Humboldt Universal Swivel Jaw Extension Clamps
  Simport* T330-6 & -7 Microcentrifuge Tubes
  Simport* T336 Micrewtube* with Lip Seal Screw Cap and Attachment Loop
  Simport* T402 - Vacucap* Tube Closures
  Vee Gee Scientific* Sibata* Glass Stoppers
  Labnet DyNA Block* Deep Square Well Microplates
  Labnet ProBlot* Hybridization Bottle Accessories
  Labconco* RapidVap* Evaporation System
  I-Chem* HDPE Cylinder Round Bottles
  Labconco* Heated Drying Chambers for Freezone* Freeze Dry Systems
  J.G. Finneran* Limited Volume, Snap Seal* and R.A.M.*, Conical Glass Inserts
  Thermo Scientific Revco* REC* Series Chromatography Refrigerators
  Advantec* Standard Cup Stainless Steel Vacuum Manifolds
  Advantec* Large Standard Stainless Steel Holders
  Stockwell Scientific Pipet Tips
  Thermo Scientific Revco* Ultima II Series Cryogenic Freezer
  Corning PYREX* Round Media Storage Bottles with Screw Cap

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