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  Puritan* Mini-tip Cotton Swab with Wooden Handle
  Puritan* Plastic-Shaft, Cotton-Tip Applicators
  Puritan* Dacron Tip Applicators
  Puritan* Standard Rayon Swabs with Wooden Handle
  Puritan* Applicator Sticks
  Puritan* 3 in. Wood-Shaft, Foam-Tip Applicator
  Puritan* 4 in. Polypropylene-Shaft, Foam-Tip Applicators
  Puritan* 5 in. Polypropylene-Shaft, Round Foam-Tip Applicators
  Puritan* Polypropylene-Shaft, Foam-Tip Applicator
  Puritan* Foam-Over-Cotton Tipped Applicator with Plastic Handle
  Puritan* 6 in. Shaft, Chemical Resistant Foam-Tip Applicators
  Puritan* PurSwab* Anti-Static Foam Tipped Applicators
  Puritan* PurSwab* Polyester Tipped Applicators
  Puritan* Wood Sticks with Bevel Ends
  Puritan* Tongue Depressors
  Puritan* Swabs in Handy Vial Packs
  Puritan* PurSwab Popule* Self-Saturating Swab
  Puritan* Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators, Wooden Handle
  Puritan* PurSwab* Foam-Tip Applicators
  Puritan* Dry Transport Tube Sterile Applicators
  Puritan* Cotton Tip Swabs
  Puritan* Sterile Polyester Tip Applicators
  Puritan* Tongue Depressor
  Puritan* PurSwab* Double Cone-Shaped Swab
  Puritan* PurSwab* Paper Stem with Cone Tip Applicators

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