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  Bounty* Perforated Paper Towel Rolls
  KIMTECH SCIENCE* Kimwipes* Delicate Task Wipes
  Deluxe LabBox* Holder
  Kimberly-Clark* Kaydry* Extra Low-Lint Wipes
  NPS* Spilfyter* Wipes
  WypAll* X70 Wipes
  WYPALL* L10 Utility Wipes
  Kimberly-Clark Kleenex* C-Fold Towels
  WypAll* X60 Teri* Wipes
  Kimberly-Clark Recycled C-Fold Towels
  Soft-Tech* 1-Ply Light Duty, Low Lint Wipes
  Control Company Dry Clean-Wipes*
  ITW Texwipe* TechniCloth* Cleanroom Wipes
  Texwipe* Alpha* Long Handle Cleanroom Swabs
  Texwipe* AlphaSat* Pre-saturated Wipes
  ITW Texwipe* ClipperMop*
  Purell* Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes
  ITW Texwipe* VersaWipe* Cellulose/Polyester-Blend Wipes