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Sartorius Minisart SRP15 with Luer Outlet

Minisart SRP syringe filters with a clean and chemically inert PTFE membrane. The units are ready-to-use and allow for simple, rapid and reliable ultracleaning of small volume samples for HPLC or GC analysis, which require an even more chemical resistant unit than Minisart RC, e.g. for solvents such as acetone, dimethylformamide and DMSO, or for aggressive aqueous liquids. Minisart SRP syringe filters ensure rapid small volume sterilization with maximum user convenience. They offer high flow rates at low inlet pressures.

• Sample cleaning
• Particle removal
• Proven quality
• 100% tested during manufacture Image(s) are representative of the product group and not necessarily the individual product.

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964-20203 Bel-Art Scienceware Flaskup Flask Holder, Size: Fits 500 ml CS $291.64 $274.15
964-12748 125 mL HDPE / PP Polystormor Square Edge, Wide Mouth Bottle CS $246.02 $231.26
964-13492 Bel-Art Scienceware 70 mm B Screw Caps; Screw caps CS $746.45 $701.67
144-16126 24 x 15 to 16 mm Poxygrid Half-Size Test Tube Rack, Green CS (24) $811.26 $762.58