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  • Chemical Waste Disposal – It is not always wise to believe that one company can handle all types of commercial chemical waste. Advance has many partners in the industry, each with their strong points, to be able to give you the best pricing for your situation. From Lab Packs to Full Containers, feel free to Call or email us for more information.

  • Custom Packaging – Advance has partnered with Advantage Packaging, LLC to bring our customers the capability of having their finished products bottled, labeled and packaged right next door to the chemical source. This not only saves time, but also money. Contact us with your requirements.

  • Consolidation Services – We have customers all over the globe, from South America, to Europe, to Africa. If you require multiple products from various manufacturers in the US, send an email of your requirements to alan@advance-scientific.com.

  • Laboratory Testing and Analysis – If you require analytical testing on a large scale (many samples on a continuous basis), contact us with the details.

Call Toll Free at 1-800-524-2436 for More Information