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The Orbit™ 1900 is a large shaker designed for continuous duty and heavy loads. Its solid construction and counter balanced drive system provide vibration free operation. Operation of the shaker can be timed or continuous, while the speed is variable. Both time and speed are set digitally. Setting parameters is easy with the analog knob. Values are shown on the large, three digit display.

• Flat or flask clamp platform options
• Designed for heavy loads and continuous duty
• Safe for use in temperature controlled environments
• Ideal for liquid cultures and general mixing

Three platforms are available to accommodate a variety of different sizes of containers and vials on the Orbit™ 1900 Shaker. The flat platform with a non-slip mat (Catalog No. 361-10235) is useful for shaking trays, plates, boxes and other containers. Flasks are accommodated on the flask platform (Catalog No. 361-10241) through the use of clamps (sold separately, Catalog No. 331-75920, 331-75926, 331-75929, 331-75941, and 331-75947). Universal platform (Catalog No. 361-10241) can be used with various size flasks, bottles, and odd shaped vessels.

• Speed range: 20 to 300 rpm
• Timer: 0 to 99 minutes or continuous
• Motion/orbit size: Circular, 19 mm
• Maximum load: 22 lbs (10 kg)
• Ambient operating range: +4 DEG to 65 DEG C
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 15.3 x 16.8 x 6.2 in. (38.9 x 42.7 x 15.8 cm)
• Weight: 46.2 lbs (21 kg)
• Electrical: 120V, 60 Hz
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