Kimble® KIMAX® Tall Form Berzelius Beakers with Spout



KIMAX® Berzelius glass tall beakers offer excellent mechanical strength and durability, while providing high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. Ideal for use when performing titrations. Design for 14030 series meets ASTM Specification E960, Type III requirements and includes a spout. Ref: ASTM Method D94.

• All sizes have a durable matte finish area for marking with an ordinary pencil
• Easy-to-read white double capacity scales to indicate approximate volumes
• Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements
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Capacity (mL): 100
Graduation Range (mL): 20 to 80
Graduations (mL): 10
Height (mm): 78
O.D. (mm): 50

Capacity (mL): 200
Graduation Range (mL): 25 to 150
Graduations (mL): 25
Height (mm): 104
O.D. (mm): 57

Capacity (mL): 300
Graduation Range (mL): 25 to 250
Graduations (mL): 25
Height (mm): 118
O.D. (mm): 64

Capacity (mL): 400
Graduation Range (mL): 25 to 325
Graduations (mL): 25
Height (mm): 130
O.D. (mm): 70

Capacity (mL): 600
Graduation Range (mL): 50 to 500
Graduations (mL): 50
Height (mm): 150
O.D. (mm): 80

Capacity (mL): 1000
Graduation Range (mL): 50 to 950
Graduations (mL): 50
Height (mm): 188
O.D. (mm): 90

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