Kimble® KIMAX® Low Form Heavy Duty Beakers




KIMAX® Low Form Heavy Duty glass thick wall beakers offer superior mechanical strength and durability. Improved safety when used under extreme conditions such as mechanized washing and rough handling.

• Thick uniform walls throughout and extra wall thickness built into the evenly tooled top rim
• Durable matte finish marking area
• White graduated scale
• Design meets ASTM Specification E960, Type II requirements
• Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements

†Not recommended for use on hotplates where significant thermal gradients exist due to lack of agitation of contents or absence of a temperature control.
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Capacity (mL): 250
Graduation Range (mL): 25 to 200
Graduations (mL): 25
Height (mm): 92
O.D. (mm): 67

Capacity (mL): 400
Graduation Range (mL): 25 to 325
Graduations (mL): 25
Height (mm): 114
O.D. (mm): 77

Capacity (mL): 600
Graduation Range (mL): 50 to 500
Graduations (mL): 50
Height (mm): 122
O.D. (mm): 87

Capacity (mL): 1000
Graduation Range (mL): 100 to 1000
Graduations (mL): 50
Height (mm): 152
O.D. (mm): 107

Capacity (mL): 2000
Graduation Range (mL): 200 to 1800
Graduations (mL): 200
Height (mm): 190
O.D. (mm): 130

Capacity (mL): 4000
Graduation Range (mL): 500 to 3500
Graduations (mL): 500
Height (mm): 252
O.D. (mm): 161

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