Kimble-Chase* KIMAX* Burets, Class A, Serialized and Certified, Micro, with Straight Bore PTFE Stopcock



With straight bore PTFE stopcock, KIMAX precision bore buret is permanently marked with an individual serial number. Supplied with a Certificate of Graduation Accuracy. Funnel top accepts a one-hole #3 rubber stopper. Short length of glass tubing aids in filling the buret through the tip by vacuum if desired (stopper and tubing are not supplied). Stopcock for all sizes is PS 2. Scale is durable white ceramic enamel. Designed from Federal Specification NNN-B-789, Type I, Style 1, Class A requirements.
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Capacity (mL): 5
Grad. Interval (mL): 0.01
Tolerance +/- (mL): 0.01
Length (mm): 790

Capacity (mL): 10
Grad. Interval (mL): 0.02
Tolerance +/- (mL): 0.02
Length (mm): 810

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