Nunc™ EasYDish™ Cell Culture Dishes




Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ EasYDish™ Dishes are the next generation of cell culture dishes that improve handling, stacking and transporting of cell cultures in your lab. The beveled grip ring is easy to hold and stays secure in your gloved hand. The dishes receive the standard Nunclon™ Delta surface treatment to maximize adhesion for majority of cell types.

Beveled grip ring ensures lid stays in position when dish is being handled and makes it easier to grasp and manage with a gloved hand. Proprietary notch design maximizes ventilation while maintaining sterility, restricts the movement of the lid ensuring secure lid-to-dish fitting, and increases the physical strength of the dish. Raised outer edge on dish lid allows stabled stacking during transportation of cell cultures. Orientation marks on dish bottom simplifies locating of cells under the microscope. Writing area improves traceability of cell cultures. Re-sealable packaging promotes cleanliness of opened packs

• Material: Polystyrene, USP VI
• Contaminant-free: RNase/DNase free, Human DNA free, non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic
• Sterility: Gamma Irradiation to SAL of 10-6
• Shelf life: 5 years from manufacturing date
• Certificate of Quality in every case
• Surface treatment: Nunclon™ Delta for adherent cell cultures
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Diameter (mm): 35
Height (mm): 13
Culture Area (cm2): 8.8

Diameter (mm): 60
Height (mm): 16
Culture Area (cm2): 21.5

Diameter (mm): 100
Height (mm): 17
Culture Area (cm2): 56.7

Diameter (mm): 100
Height (mm): 21
Culture Area (cm2): 56.7

Diameter (mm): 150
Height (mm): 21
Culture Area (cm2): 145

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