MTC Bio Straining Kits, 50 mL Tube and Screw Cap




ReadyStrain™ is the first product of its kind, providing all the necessary part for filtration or cell suspensions and combining them into a single, preassembled, ready to use, sterile packet. These kits eliminate the contamination risks associated with opening multiple packages, and assembling separate pieces (i.e. tubes strainers and caps). The individual sterile packets mean researchers are no longer forced to expose entire bags of 50 mL tubes and corresponding caps in order to perform one filtration. Instead they can open a single ReadyStrain packet directly under the hood.

Each kit contains a sterile SureStrain™ Strainer, pre attached to a sterile 50 mL tube, with a separate sterile screw-cap ready for assembly, processing and storage after the filtration is complete. Kits are supplied in easy open tear-strip bags and gamma sterilized.
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Cell Strainer (µm): 100
Cap Color: Yellow

Cell Strainer (µm): 40
Cap Color: Blue

Cell Strainer (µm): 70
Cap Color: White

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