Corning* Class A Reusable PFA Volumetric Flasks



Class A Reusable Plastic Volumetric Flask, Perfluoroalkoxy-copolymer

Transluscent flasks are supplied with a PFA screw cap. Screw caps provide hermetic seals and help reduce the possibility of outside contamination. The product is manufactured to Class A tolerances as defined by ISO 1042 and flasks have individually calibrated graduation lines. They withstand high temperatures and are resistant to a variety of aqueous solutions and organic solvents. These flasks may be autoclaved to 121 DEG C without affecting the graduation tolerance. Recommended routine cleaning up to 60 DEG C will preserve graduations. Height dimension is flask only, without screw cap.

The accuracy of volumetric ware depends on the care used in calibrating it, using the correct type of ware for the application, handling the ware properly and ensuring the ware is clean. Calibration of volumetric ware is usually done at 20°C, and the ware should be used at approximately this temperature. Refrigerated liquids should be allowed to come to room temperature before measuring them. Under normal use and care, the calibration of volumetric ware will not change. Do not expose volumetric ware to excessive heat, defined as temperatures approaching the Corning-defined upper service limit.

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Capacity (mL): 10

Capacity (mL): 25

Capacity (mL): 50

Capacity (mL): 100

Capacity (mL): 250

Capacity (mL): 500

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