Wheaton* CELLine* Bioreactor Flasks



CELLine Bioreactor Flasks for high density suspension or adherent cell culture. Use with Hybridoma, Insect, CHO, NSO, HEK, and BHK cell clines.

The CELLine flasks are designed to enhance small scale bio-production for antibody and protein generation. Conventional in vivo or in vitro cell culture methods can be laborious, may have low cell density and require significant purification. CELLine flasks address these three areas of limitation observed in static tissue flasks.

Handling Requirements- CELLine flasks reduce the handling requirement by requiring less consumable items and allowing longer run times due to their unique metabolite regulating upper membrane. This membrane allows for bulk media storage during operation to ensure constant and regulated nutrient access for the cells.

Cell Densities- CELLine flasks ensure maximum gas exchange by placing the gas permeable lower membrane directly next to the cells. This allows for optimal oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer for metabolizing cells.

Purification- The upper and lower membranes form an optimized compartment for cell proliferation. This allows for the reduced use of growth factors and hormones and concentrates the antibody and proteins of interest.

• Disposable and ready-to-use
• High cell density and high product concentration
• Reduces operation time
• Decreases use of consumables
• Cost-efficient, space saving, and stackable
• No additional equipment required for operation
Image(s) are representative of the product group and not necessarily the individual product.

Media Compartment Size (ml): 350
Cell Compartment Size (ml): 5
Culture Type: Suspension

Media Compartment Size (ml): 1000
Cell Compartment Size (ml): 15
Culture Type: Adherent

Media Compartment Size (ml): 1000
Cell Compartment Size (ml): 15
Culture Type: Suspension

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