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  Corning PYREX* Bchner Funnels with Fritted Discs
  Corning PYREX* Large 60 Angle Funnel, Short Stem
  Corning PYREX* 60 Angle Funnels, Long Stem
  Corning PYREX* Filling Funnels
  Corning PYREX* Plain Stemless Funnels
  Corning PYREX* Squibb Separatory Funnels
  Corning PYREX* Separatory Cylindrical Funnels
  Corning PYREX* Separatory Cylindrical Funnel, TS Joints, PTFE Stopcock
  Corning PYREX* Squibb Pear-Shaped Funnel, with Standard Taper Stopper and Stopcock
  Corning PYREX* Squibb Pear-Shaped Separatory Funnel with PTFE Resin Stopcock Plug and TS Glass Stopper
  Corning PYREXPLUS* Coated Squibb Separatory Funnel, Glass Stopper, PTFE Stopcock
  Corning PYREX* Pear-Shaped Squibb Separatory Funnels, Polyethylene Stopper, (PS) PTFE Stopcock
  Corning PYREX* Economy Squibb Separatory Funnels with Replaceable Stopcock, Tip, and High Density Polyethylene Stopper
  Corning PYREX* Squibb Separatory Funnel, 19/22 Inner and Outer Joints, PTFE Stopcock
  Corning PYREX* Large 60 Angle Funnel, Long Stem
  Corning PYREX* Squibb Separatory Funnel with PTFE Stopcock
  Corning PYREX* Fluted 60 Angle Funnel, Long Stem
  Corning PYREX* Separatory Globe-Shaped Funnels
  Corning PYREX* Fluted 60 Angle Funnels, Short Stem
  PYREX* Replacement Separatory Funnel
  Vee Gee Scientific* Sibata* Bchner Funnels with Fritted Disc
  Corning PYREX* Squibb Separatory Funnels with Glass TS Stopper and TS Stopcock, TS Joint
  CoorsTek* Porcelain Hirsch Funnels
  Corning PYREX* Hirsch Type Funnels with Fritted Discs
  Kontes* Filling Funnels

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