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  Scienceware* Spinbar* Magnetic Stirring Bar Retrievers
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Stir Bar Arrester
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Cell Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Double Spinfin* Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware Elliptical (Egg-Shaped) Spinbar* Magnetic Stirring Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Micro Spinbar* Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Octagon Spinbar*Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Octagon-Shaped Spinbar* Colored Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware* PYREX* Glass-coated Spinbar* Round Magnetic Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware Spinbox PTFE Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bar Assortment (Pack of 16)
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Spinpak* Stir Bars Assortment
  Bel-Art Scienceware Spinplus Magnetic Stirring Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Half Round Spinbar* Stir Bar
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Spinvane* Triangular Stir Bars
  Glas-Col* Stirring Bar
  Thermo Scientific* Nalgene* Suspended Magnetic Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware Polygon Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bars without Pivot Ring
  Bel-Art Scienceware Spinbar Flexible Magnetic Stirring Bar Retrievers Retrievers
  Dynalon PTFE Disposable Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Spinfin* Magnetic Stirring Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware Spinpak PTFE Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bar Assortment (Pack of 6)
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Disposable Magnetic Spinbar* Stir Bars
  Bel-Art Scienceware Cylindrical Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bars
  Wheaton* Micro Kit* with Wheaton* Connections, Replacement Parts
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Spinbar* Restrainer

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