Globe Scientific Beakers, Tapered Sides, Polypropylene, Printed Graduations




These space-saving beakers are produced from high clarity polypropylene and available with molded graduations or blue printed graduation marks. These beakers feature a tapered design for easy handling. They are also stackable for convenient storage and will not stick together when stacked.

• Space saving design
• Autoclavable
• Chemically resistant to most acids, bases and common solvents
• Precise no-drip pour spout
• Complies with ISO 7056
Image(s) are representative of the product group and not necessarily the individual product.

Capacity (mL): 25
Graduation Increments (mL): 5
Rim Diameter (mm): 41.5
Height (mm): 51

Capacity (mL): 50
Graduation Increments (mL): 10
Rim Diameter (mm): 50.5
Height (mm): 61

Capacity (mL): 100
Graduation Increments (mL): 20
Rim Diameter (mm): 61.5
Height (mm): 73

Capacity (mL): 250
Graduation Increments (mL): 50
Rim Diameter (mm): 80.5
Height (mm): 96

Capacity (mL): 400
Graduation Increments (mL): 50
Rim Diameter (mm): 92.5
Height (mm): 111

Capacity (mL): 500
Graduation Increments (mL): 50
Rim Diameter (mm): 102.5
Height (mm): 121

Capacity (mL): 600
Graduation Increments (mL): 50
Rim Diameter (mm): 104
Height (mm): 126

Capacity (mL): 1000
Graduation Increments (mL): 100
Rim Diameter (mm): 120
Height (mm): 148

Capacity (mL): 2000
Graduation Increments (mL): 200
Rim Diameter (mm): 163
Height (mm): 188

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