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  Laemmli SDS-Sampl Buffr, rdcing (4X,
  Laemmli SDS-Sampl Buffr, rdcing (6X,
  Orange-G loading dye w/ Glycerol 6X
  Orange-G/ blue loading dye (6X)
  TBE sample Buffer (4x)
  TBE sample Buffer (6x)
  Universal RNA dye
  Laemmli SDS-Sampl Buffr, rdcing (2X,
  GeneBullet (TM)G pwdr,Particle Bombar
  Gene Bullet (TM)G, ready-to-use particle
  Gene Bullet (TM)T powder,particle bombar
  Gene Bullet (TM)T, ready-to-use,Particle
  Z-competent transformation kit, SOB m
  bioEZ (TM) PCR Cloning Kit
  RNase Detection kit
  Acrylamide starter kit,nucleic acid
  Denhardt's solution (100x)
  DNA Denaturing Solution
  Hybridization cocktail,0 Percent Formamide
  Hybridization cocktail,50 Percent Formamide
  Neutralizing solution
  Nitrocellulose StrippingBuffer 10X
  Nylon membrane Stripping Buffer 10x
  SSC Buffer, 20X liquid concentrate
  SSC Buffer, 20x ready-pack

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