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  Humboldt Universal Swivel Jaw Extension Clamps
  Wheaton* Alcohol Burner with Glass Cap
  Glas-Col* Resin Reaction Flask Mantles
  Glas-Col* PowrTwin Power Controller
  Glas-Col* PowrTrol Proportional Power Controller
  Glas-Col* Premier Mantles
  Glas-Col* Series TM Spherical Flask Mantles
  Glas-Col* Mantle/Control Packages
  Glas-Col* Series TM Resin Reaction Flask Mantles
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Remote-Control Hot plates
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead HPA Series Hot Plate
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Extra-Capacity Hot Plates
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead* Analog Dry Block Heaters
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead* Modular Blocks for Dry Block Heaters
  Vee Gee Scientific* Alcohol Burner
  Boekel* Alcohol Lamps
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Piezo Electric Gas Lighter
  Corning* Hot Plate Accessories
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Explosion-Proof Safe-T HP6 Hot Plate
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Nuova* Hot Plate
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Student Hot Plate
  Corning* Ceramic Top Hot Plates with Digital Display
  Corning* Scholar* Hot Plate
  Boekel* Digital Dry Bath Incubators
  Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Nuova* Stirring Hotplates

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