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  Corning PYREX* Fernbach Culture Flask
  Corning PYREX* Long Neck Culture Flasks
  Corning PYREX* Baffled Shaker Flasks
  Corning PYREX* Shaker Flasks, Extra-Deep Baffles
  Corning PYREX* Baffled Trypsinizing Flask, Beaded Neck
  Corning PYREX* Baffled Trypsinizing Flask with Sidearm, Screw Caps
  Corning PYREX* Culture Low Form Flasks
  Wheaton* Magna Flex* Microcarrier Spinner Flasks
  Kimble-Chase* KIMAX* Long Neck Culture Flasks with Capacity Scale
  Wheaton* Nephelo Culture Flasks
  Wheaton* Shake Flasks with Three Baffles
  Wheaton* Trypsinizing Flasks
  Kimble-Chase* KIMAX* Culture Media Erlenmeyer Flasks
  Corning* 75 cm2 Modified Triangular Cell Culture Flasks with Straight Necks
  TPP* Sterile Tissue Culture Flasks
  TPP* Sterile Peel-Off Flasks
  Thermo Scientific Nalgene* Polycarbonate Baffled Flasks
  Thermo Scientific Nalgene* Fernbach Polycarbonate Culture Flask
  Kimble-Chase* KIMAX* Baffled Shaker Flasks
  Wheaton* Nephelo Culture Flasks, With Cleanout Port
  Wheaton* Trypsinizing Flasks
  Corning* 175 cm2 Rectangular Cell Culture Flask with Angled Neck and Bar Code
  Corning* 175 cm2 CellBIND* Treated Rectangular Cell Culture Flasks with Angled Necks
  Corning* HYPERFlask* Cell Culture Vessel
  Thermo Scientific Nunc* Nunclon* Sterile Polystyrene EasyFlasks

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