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  BIOTUBE* SYSTEM (Deep Well Plate)
  Whatman* UNIFILTER 96-well microplate, 800 l, long drip director
  Diversified Biotech* Well Orienter, Pad and Stand
  Bel-Art Scienceware* Leveling Table
  Simport* 96-Well Deep-Well Bioblock* Titer Plates
  GE Whatman* UNIPLATE* Collection Microplates
  Tubes and Caps
  Simport* Bioblock* Storage Rack with 2 ml Tubes
  Simport* Amplate* 96-Well PCR* Plates
  Simport* Opaque Skirted Amplate* PCR* Plates
  Simport* Amplate* 384-Well PCR* Plates
  Simport* Amplate* 48-Well PCR* Plates
  Simport* Amplitube* PCR Reaction Strips
  Simport* 96-Place Biotube* Racks For Robotics Systems
  Corning* 384-Well Solid Polystyrene Plates
  Corning* Non-Sterile Black Polypropylene Assay Plates
  Corning* 96-Well Clear Polystyrene Plates
  Corning* 96-Well EIA/RIA Plates
  Corning* Non-Binding Surface (NBS) Microplates
  Corning* 96 Well Black and White Clear Bottom Microplates
  Corning* 96-Well Black and White Solid Plates
  Corning* 96-Well Half Area Flat Bottom Assay Plates
  Corning* 96 Well Clear Polystyrene High Bind Stripwell* Microplates
  Corning* Sulfhydryl-BIND* without Lid
  Corning* Sealing Tape and Lids

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