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Kligler Iron Agar. Differential medium for the presumptive identification of the Enterobacteriaceae based upon the fermentaton of dextrose and lactose and hydrogen sulfide production.• pH: 7.4• Working Concentration:52 g/L• Dehydrated Appearance: light beige, homogeneous powder• Prepared Appearance: orange to red agar• Soluble in boiling water• Storage: 2-30°CComposition (g/L):• Pancreatic Digest of Casein: 10g• Peptic Digest of Animal Tissue: 10g• Lactose: 10g• Dextrose;1g• Ferric Ammonium Citrate:0.5g• Sodium Chloride; 5g• Sodium Thiosulfate: 0.5g• Phenol Red; 0.025g• Agar : 15gImage(s) are representative of the product group and not necessarily the individual product.Size: 500 g
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